Part 7: David's Big Surprise

What was David’s greatest accomplishment? Was it that he was a great King? Was it that he was a shepherd boy who loved to sing? I feel part of the greatest accomplishment David ever had was that he had a revelation to make Jerusalem the Capitol of the known world where they would pray and worship the living God. He saw it so big; he had such a vision. There was such a cry in him. He knew he would die unless the Lord was with him. In the midst of your circumstances, is the living Christ with you like He was with David?

David understood that he had to bring the Ark there, so he gathered thirty thousand men and went to the Ark. They put it on the new cart, just like the Philistines had done, and were cheering, dancing, clapping and shouting. There was one problem though. David had not gone to God and asked Him how he should bring in God’s presence.

You see, the Lord never meant for it to be brought in on a new cart, or a new model. The Ark was to be carried on the shoulders of the Levites. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” We need that cry in our hearts to know Him, to see Him. The Levites would go through times of cleansing and repenting before they would pick up the Ark on the poles. There was a holy fear of the Lord in them.

As you know, one of the men tried to steady the ark and he was killed. David was immediately afraid. There was that cry in him that said, “How do I bring the ark of the Lord to Jerusalem?” How are you going to bring the Shekinah glory to dwell with more fire and unction in the depths of who you are?

There are times I cry out, “Oh, God, if only more of You would come. Lord, if only more of You would give me revelation in everyday life.” There needs to be a cry to know the living Christ.

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