Governmental Keys from the Life of David

Be Blessed,

Jill Austin

This study is broken into these sections:

1. Behind the Veil: Heaven Touching Earth in Worship and II Samuel 6
2. An Invasion of the Glory of the Lord
3. The Ark of the Covenant
4. The Cry of the Lord’s Heart
5. 400 Years without the Word of the Lord
6. **David: The Braveheart
7. David’s Big Surprise
8. A Living Ark with the Shekinah Glory
9. Being Vulnerable with Jesus
10. God Wants YOU to Carry the Ark of His Covenant

Part 6: David: The Braveheart

Let’s go back to David in II Samuel. David was an amazing man. I see David as a Braveheart. He was so radical, so daring. I want to have that kind of fire, that kind of anointing. He was a man after God’s own heart.

What was David’s plan when he went to Jerusalem? What was he ambitious for? He was King over Jerusalem, but how would he set up his reign? As he went before his God, and as his heart was burning with passion, he prayed that if the Ark of the Covenant, the Shekinah glory, could go to Jerusalem, then Jerusalem would be a city where the whole world would worship at His feet.

In other words, he was looking to have the Ark of the Covenant in a tent or tabernacle - his cry was to have the raw presence of God, the raw glory of the Lord. He was a governmental man, and as a governmental man, he knew he needed the glory. He knew he needed the raw presence of the living Christ. God has put government on many of you, but you need to have the Shekinah glory, the raw presence of God, and the fire of God burned deep into the depths of who you are.

Just five miles away from David in another town was the old tent of Moses. It was five hundred years old at that time. The Levitical priests were sacrificing and worshipping in that tent. David could have easily put the worship center over in Gideon, but his passion was for it to be in Jerusalem, the city of David. His cry was for Jerusalem to be a worship city.

He was a Braveheart in the sense that he came against, and completely changed, five hundred years of tradition. He moved from the tent of Moses because he knew that if he could get the Ark, the raw presence of the living Christ in his city, then people would come and worship God. He knew the Ark would give them authority and power. David was a mighty warrior and a wise King.

Do we have that kind of wisdom? Do we just walk a nice walk with the Lord and only deep sometimes? Or do we have that cry of David where we are burning with desire?

When David was in the cedar palace, he said, “God, here I am in a house of cedar. But Lord, you were only in a tent. My heart breaks that I would be in a house of cedar and that you would be in a tent.” It was that relationship, that intimacy with the living Christ, which came about from years of living in the caves while running from Saul. He was labeled an outlaw and endured heavy persecution and shame when people came against him and wanted to kill him.

During those times of great affliction, great suffering and great pain, God worked a deep intimacy and relationship with Him. That is part of the way he wrote his hymnal of Song - it was during his times of great afflictions and great suffering. During those times of great brokenness, a relationship happened with David and God that he took with him when he came to rule and reign. He knew he couldn’t do it without the living God.

During your times of affliction and great brokenness, are you one that cries out to the Lord and sings of His greatness? Do you open up your heart, knowing that no one understands you, but you still shout about how much you love your God? David wrote the Psalms out of great brokenness.

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