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我先講清楚這一切的代價,因為你當然可以不去飛。原因之一就是:「飛」是要付代價的!你最好明白,這代價可能得擺上你的一切!因為若你要成為神的「空軍」(Air Force)的一員,這代價甚至是生命的代價,這將使你們當中許多人因而喪失寶貴的生命,很多人會為主名殉道。




(譯者: Isaiah , Jasper)


(選自The Prophetic Voice of an Eagle教導系列 by Jill Austin)


God gave me a vision of a farm. I want you to think of this farm as the "church". The pastors are at the farm and others came to inspect it. Those who came to inspect it asked if there were any horses (representing a training center). The pastors told them horses were on the farm.
They asked if they had sheep (representing cell groups). No problem, they had sheep. Did they have cows (the members). Oh certainly. And chickens (fear of man)? Yes, there are always chickens in the house of God! Even if they were called to be eagles, many put on chicken disguises, clucking and pretending they were like every other feathered bird in order to try to blend in and fit so they'd be accepted and loved.

Then, all of a sudden, a wild eagle came flying overhead, rending the heavens. Suddenly the glory of God started to come because there was a rending of the heavens and the sound of trumpets. There was a sound of the fire of God erupting as the eagles began to scream out.

The people who had been questioning the pastors then commented, "You know, in the rule book eagles aren't allowed. Haven't you seen that if eagles are allowed in the church that you get into trouble? There are even farmers who take out their shotguns and shoot the eagles. That is why many eagles only have one wing."

But the Lord is saying that with the apostolic teams moving, the eagles are returning and they will be flying again. There is a fresh wind and a fresh move of God happening, and He wants you to be part of what He is doing.

Do you want to take flight? Do you long to soar in heavenly places? You don't have to fly, but others will fly without you! If you don't want to be radical, stay home. You would be too much of a problem if you're hesitating or afraid. The reason I am saying that you don't have to fly is because it will cost you to fly. You might as well know right now that it will cost you everything if you are part of the "Air Force" of the Lord. It will cost many of you your very lives. Many will be martyred in the name of the Lord.

We have politicians and authors talking optimistically about governmental plans to save this nation or save other nations. These are man's ideas apart from God.

But the Bible is the most honest and realistic book that exists. The Bible talks about wars and rumors of wars, the weaknesses of men and women, the pain, the torment, the agony and the ecstasy. Yet, it is also a realistic love affair -- like a divine romance -- between the father heart of God and His people.

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