Holy Spirit: Wilderness Landmarks to Remember by Jill Austin




曠野的紀念地標 by 吉爾.奧斯汀

進入曠野並不是件壞事,我們在曠野裡與聖靈親密相遇,也是在曠野你才能看見生命裡面的奇妙地標。每當我們穿越曠野之地,在遇見心愛君王新郎的路途上,就一路設立了這些「紀念地」(Places of Remembrance)。在挫敗時刻、傷痛事件期間,也是神要我們與祂相遇、神聖會面的邀請,然後,在未來的某一天,你再回頭看那些傷痛時刻,你會驚奇地發現那些值得紀念的地標--你知道當時你跟神在一起!



The wilderness isn't all bad; in the wilderness, we develop wonderful landmarks inside of us where we meet intimately with the Holy Spirit. As we continue through the wilderness, on the way to meet our lovely Bridegroom King we establish these "Places of Remembrance". During stressful times and hurtful issues, the Lord invites you to meet Him and make a holy covenant. Then, when you go through hard times in the future, you can look back at this place and know that you have met with God.
I'm not talking about an event or a conference as a landmark "Place of Remembrance". Some of us don't really know Holy Spirit as a Person. If we don't know Him in this way, then when we aren't in seasons of renewal, or we don't attend meetings where the fire is released, then we feel alone and abandoned. We need to cultivate this relationship at home! We each are responsible for our own intimate relationship with Holy Spirit so that as we go through the despair of the wilderness, we will immediately yield and lean on our Beloved Guide.

I feel this is a prophetic word for this hour. I feel that peoples' hearts will embrace Holy Spirit as a Person. He will begin to come to center stage because He brings the Bridegroom King. Tell Him you want to know Him personally. "Holy Spirit we want more of You. We ask you to break our outdated mindsets. Where we have limited You with different kinds of paradigms, or church cultures, we ask You to forgive us. We want to know You Holy Spirit. We want to know the Best Friend of the Bridegroom."


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