in Memory of  Jill Austin 

2009年一開始,非常意外的消息傳來,Master Potter(大陶匠與小陶器)作者Jill Austin 突然被主接回天家!



(Our beloved Jill went home to be with Jesus at 9:48 pm CST, January 09, 2009. Thank you all for standing with us and praying. She is now with her best friend, Holy Spirit, and Dancing with Her Destiny.)

以下節錄部分 上周2009/1/8代禱MAIL:

Jill is in the most crucial hour of her life. We are requesting urgent prayer for her as she is in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit.
Two days ago Doctors had found that her intestines were twisted, cutting off her blood supply, after which infection set in. Doctors said that if she wasn't in surgery within a day, she would be gone.
She did have surgery and has also undergone a second emergency surgery today. According to the doctors, the next 24 hours are crucial to her survival. Jill had part of her stomach, part of her intestines and part of her colon removed. We are asking God for a creative miracle in this hour to realign her body with heaven.
Jill has given her heart to so many people over the years and has imparted so much to everyone. Please extend your heart in prayer to her, in particular over the next 24 hours as it is very critical to her survival. As changes occur and the doctors give us further information, we will post updates at


對我來說這消息非常震驚,前幾天我都沒上網,還沒來得及打開代禱信,就收到已是追思禮拜的email通知,曾經在生命重要旅程時接受過Jill的服事,甚至在IHOP旁的咖啡店跟她擦身而過,前兩年還因著神特別的恩典非常蒙福地參與過 Master Potter(大陶匠與小陶器 上冊)的翻譯工作,沒想到神的時間讓人無法測度。


Jill Austin獨身,未曾留下血緣子女,卻有神量給她地上的一群親密屬靈家人,筆者現在一時震驚之餘很難整理思緒,不過能確定的是:

Jill ,你終於和親愛的主耶穌面對面了!




Kansas City  以及 California追思禮拜資訊:

Service will be held at:
Forerunner Christian Fellowship
12444 Grandview Road
Grandview, MO 64030

Viewing from 11am – 1pm
Memorial Service from 1pm – 3pm

For those who are unable to attend, you can watch or listen to the service live via these links:
View Live Streaming Video Online »
Listen to Live Streaming Audio Online »

A Graveside Service immediately following at 3:30pm will be held at:
Lee’s Summit Historical Cemetary
220 SE Green Street
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

A second Memorial Service will be held in Pasadena, CA on Friday, January 16, 2009 at 7:00pm at:
The Ambassador Auditorium
(Harvest Rock Church)
131 South St. John Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105

Anyone wishing to send flowers may do so to:
Langsford Funeral Home
115 W. Third Street
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

Donations are greatly appreciated towards the memorial fund. Please
donate online or make checks payable to Master Potter.
The Body of Christ must move outside the walls of the church and take the prophetic to the streets as well. Master Potter desires to train and equip believers to move in their areas of influence and walk in their destiny for Kingdom purposes.

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  • mei
  • 我今天才有時間看你的文章,看到這個消息,太震驚了,實在是沒想到會發生這種事情.真的是神的時間,人無法測度!! 願 Jill 安息主懷
  • 神的僕人留下美好腳蹤,和美好生命樣式,願我們都準備好,相約在一個更美的天上家鄉! (每一次神接走一位祂心愛的僕人,我都很感傷,雖我知道更要因此帶著盼望,因為知道耶穌回來的時間近了)

    isaiah550809 於 2009/01/16 18:06 回覆

  • dobletap
  • 這幾天在讀Nathan Shaw 的 Passion and Fire中譯本:熱情烈火;
    作者在書首的獻詞就是感謝Jill Austin對他的影響;
    想多瞭解Jill Austin;上網搜尋中文資料;