June 26, 2006 這是2006年Rick Joyner所發出對全教會肢體的國度性預言

Rick Joyner: "The Warrior Nation--The New Church Leadership"

Warriors Are the Next Church Leaders

"There are many soldiers, but not many warriors," a Special Forces officer once told me. There are many professional soldiers who may take their jobs very seriously and be very good at what they do, but when you meet a warrior, you know the difference.

Church leadership is about to be transferred from the hands of professionals, to the hands of true warriors, which the soldiers of the cross will all soon become.

Warriors run to the sound of battle, not away from it. Warriors thrive in the intensity of conflict and danger. They are not discouraged by opposition or trouble, but rather come alive when faced with them. Such will be the constitution of the emerging generation of Christians. Those who think the emerging generation is soft, will be shocked at the warrior nation that will soon be revealed.

God Is A Warrior
God is a Warrior. He uses the title "Lord of Hosts" or "Lord of Armies" ten times more than all of His other titles. He is a martial God. Those who are going to reveal Him in these times, are going to begin to take on the demeanor and discipline of a warrior, because the emerging generation is being prepared to serve in the greatest time of trouble the world has ever known. Even so, they will face those troubles with faith and confidence. They will earn the title "Overcomers" because they will never give way to opposition, troubles, or battles, but will fight to win like Joshua, who fought until the victory was total.

These emerging warrior Christians will have this same resolve because they will know who they are, Who has sent them, and the power of the Kingdom that they represent. Like King David's mighty men, their exploits will be noised abroad and strike fear into the hearts of the enemies of the King.

As this warrior generation emerges, it will impact and bring transformation to the body of Christ, which will be so profound, that churches will start being thought of more as military bases than congregations. Serious training and the sending out of spiritual forces for unprecedented strategic initiatives will become the order of the day.

It Is Time For War
As we are told in Ecclesiastes 3:8, there is "A time for war, and a time of peace." This is a time for war. It is no accident that one of the greatest worshipers in Scripture, King David, was also one of the greatest warriors. True worship and warfare go together. How can one be a true worshiper of God and not be provoked by the evil of our time, and stand for the truth by standing against the evil to set the captives free?

The warriors who are about to arise will be provoked to action by every evil stronghold that holds men in bondage, and they will begin to bring them down with their divinely powerful weapons.

As this radical change comes upon the church, and every true Christian becomes a fearless warrior for the truth of the gospel, the basis of the great character change that will come will begin with them living by the greatest code, of the greatest warriors the world has ever known--to die daily, to not live for themselves, but for the King, and to do all things for the sake of His gospel.

As the Lord said in Luke 9:23-24, "If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it."

This is the code of a true disciple, who is a true warrior. The world is about to witness what true disciples are like--the true salt and light of the world.

When we are already dead to this world, there is nothing the world can do to us, and we will fear nothing on this earth. Those who live without fear are the most free and powerful people on earth. There is nothing that strikes more fear into the camp of the enemy than such a people walking the earth again. They are already among us and will now begin to emerge. It is a generation unlike any that has walked the earth before. The Lord really has saved His best for last.

There can be no victory without a battle. The bigger the battle, the bigger the victory. There has been a very subtle mentality spreading over much of the church that Christians should not experience troubles, and if they do, they are not walking in faith. This is exactly contrary to the Scriptures, as both the Lord Jesus and the apostles explained the trials and tribulations that Christians are called to go through. There is a purpose for the trials, and there is victory that comes from facing them with faith and steadfastness. It was said of the ministry of the great Apostle Paul, that he went about "Strengthening the souls of the disciples, exhorting them to continue in the faith, and saying, 'We must through many tribulations enter the Kingdom of God'" (Acts 14:22).

The generation that embraced the pseudo faith teachings that promoted a refusal to even acknowledge problems and troubles, became possibly the weakest generation of Christians in history. The meltdown of morality, integrity, and basic spiritual courage in the last generation, resembles something like a drug induced stupor more than biblical faith. However, this has begun to change, and the change will continue until the transformation is complete.

Shock Troops

There is a new breed of Christians that are going to emerge who are more militant than the world has seen since the first century. They are warriors/fighters who will live with the resolve not to surrender a single acre of ground to the enemies of the cross. The emerging generation is about to change forever the impression that Christians are wimps, fearful and cowering before the intimidating forces of this world. Because of this present impression of the nature of Christians, the first wave will create shock waves of both fear and wonder in the present powers that be. This will begin to awaken the rest of Christianity to its true nature and destiny, just as Gideon's breakthrough caused the rest of Israel to arise and take the spoil.

Clean Your Weapons

Soldiers know that a weapon which jams at the wrong time, can mean death to themselves and many others, so they spend much time cleaning and caring for their weapons. The Apostle Paul wrote about the divinely powerful weapons that we have been given. Few Christians understand these and fewer still have learned to use them. That is about to change. We are going to take the same kind of daily care for what we have been entrusted with, and be the finest, most trustworthy soldiers.

We must understand that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal weapons, but much more powerful. The divinely powerful and uncompromising weapons are spiritual--they are both love and truth.

Warriors Love Truth

Truth spoken under the anointing is the most powerful force on the earth.

Like a good soldier, we should be continually cleaning and caring for the precious truth we have been entrusted with. We must become the most skilled marksmen who can hit their targets right in the heart every time, without hesitation. Our weapons must never jam.

Nations will soon bow the knee to the irresistible power of the truth that is about to be proclaimed by an irresistible army. They will confront the greatest darkness of our time, and they will push it back. In all things, they will stand resolute and without compromise so that all evil will retreat before them.

This coming army will not be like the world's armies, which kill and destroy, pillage, and plunder their way through territory, but it will instead heal, restore, and set free those who are conquered by it. They will not come to take, but to give. The earth has never seen such an army as that which will soon be released upon the earth. The call is right now going forth all over the earth to all who would be a part of it.

This army will strike fear into all who are not a part of it, including many sleeping or deluded Christians. The world has never seen anything like this before. The spirit of Elijah, which was upon John the Baptist to prepare the way for the Lord the first time, is coming upon tens of thousands to prepare for His second coming. Just as all of Judea came out to see John, whole nations will come to hear and be baptized by those who are about to be revealed.

Rick Joyner
MorningStar Ministries
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