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Facing the dream Killer!Excerpts taken from
Dancing With Destiny: Awaken your Heart to Dream, to Love, to War
by Jill Austin

Facing the dream Killer!面對夢想殺手!

We Hide Behind Excuses 我們喜歡找藉口

An obvious dream killer is one that we might call a "natural" hindrance, a problem that we face in life: "I can't speak . . . I'm not smart enough . . . I'm shy and lack people skills . . . I'm a single parent . . . I'm not a leader . . . I'm not talented enough . . . I'm too old. . . . " Insert your own natural disability-your excuse-that you think keeps you from your dreams.

Our tendency is to look at these hindrances and say, "I would like to do such and such, but I have this problem," or, "The world values thus and so, and I'm not like that, so I guess I'm out." We look at these excuses and limitations and disqualify ourselves.

God never does that. He says, "I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you . . . thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome" (Jeremiah 29:11, amplified). He puts the dreams in our hearts, and then He wants to take us on the journey to walk those dreams out. Remember, our dreamer God has bigger dreams for our lives than we do. Sometimes He has to ambush us to get us to our destinations as we travel through the seasons of our lives.

When I was a child I was tongue-tied and dyslexic so I could not pronounce certain words. I always admired healing evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman because she also had dyslexia. That is why she talked so slowly, so she could get the words out correctly. Yet she stood before the masses and moved in signs, wonders and miracles. It is the irony of God that He takes unlikely people and does supernatural things with them.

We Are Afraid to Have Fun


Let's face it: "Religion" isn't fun. Legalism shuts down the human heart and closes off intimacy with God. All too often our churches maintain a form of religion without the power of His presence.

The "religious system" sometimes gives the message that rest and relaxation are unspiritual and unnecessary. Jesus did not come to earth, however, to set up a religious system. He came to establish deep relationships. I believe that He wants us to understand that walking with Him is a journey of excitement, which involves having fun!

If you have a child or a grandchild, a nephew or a niece, who loves to spend time with you-taking walks, going on boat rides, gardening-you tend to get more engaged. When you have fun together, your relationship grows. It is like that with God. He is eager to interact with us. He is longing to be fully engaged with us in everyday life.

We are the ones who stop the game. "Timeout!" we yell, just when it is getting good. We prefer not to play because it does not look spiritual. We also tend to think that if we are too lighthearted we have done something wrong. We are harder on ourselves than God is. He wants us to have fun and play again.

Every journey has ups and downs. There will be times of difficulty and suffering as well as times of joy and celebration. We expect seasons of pain in the Christian walk, but we need to expect times of pleasure and passion as well. It is not an either/or situation. We embrace the journey and celebrate life.

We Live in a Fantasy World


What if our lives turn out totally different from our dreams?

Some people are so disappointed with the "now" that they live in a fantasy world. Others live vicariously through somebody else's life or dreams. Still others say, "If this is my destiny, then God made a really big mistake." It is too depressing for them to look at their own lives so they give up. They reason like this: "My dreams don't mean anything. I didn't get ____. I believed God for ____ and that hasn't happened either. Look at those people and all they have."

Do you feel that way? It shows a crisis of trust in God! It means that you probably do not understand what you have been given, who you really are and how God sees you. If we grasped how much God genuinely loves us, if we could see ourselves through His eyes, our lives would be dramatically different. We would know who we are and what our purpose is. I can assure you that we would live very differently, love extravagantly and pray strategically.

Your journey is not a storybook picture; it is not a fantasy. It is what is in your world right now. Once upon a time is now. Happily ever after is now. What is around you? Who are the people with you? Your prince is there-He is the Lord! All the storybook characters are there-and they look a lot like your sometimes-healthy, sometimes-dysfunctional friends and relatives.

If things do not look the way you imagined they would be, then in your mind you have built a fantasy: "This is my ideal job; this is my ideal mate; these are my ideal children." Your ideal children are the ones that you already have. Your ideal job is the one you have-now. You are in process: What are you doing with the material God has given you to work with?


Dancing With Destiny Conference!


Click Above for Radio Announcement

 Starts Tomorrow

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