Part 8: A Living Ark with Shekinah Glory
The next time David went out, he went back and the Levites took the Ark in. Isn’t that prophetic evangelism? Isn’t prophetic evangelism the living Ark with the Shekinah glory going through a whole city? Isn’t it the raw presence of God moving in our midst? The Jews wanted to rebuild the Temple because they don’t want an empty temple; they want to find the Ark of the Covenant. They want the raw fire of God to move in it.

We don’t want ministers that are simply empty shells. We don’t want to have home meetings that only offer a nice time. Will you let the living Christ, that gold glory to be in the depths of who you are? Will you let Him take off the lid of the Ark and let His fire start to consume you?

David brought the Ark into the city of Jerusalem. How much of His glory do you want? Are you willing to be a Braveheart? David was radical! He did something that had never been done before. He broke tradition because he loved the living God with all of his heart. Lord, we want more of You!!!

David was not able to build the Temple because he was a man of war. But God gave him divine blueprint plans, and he took those plans and gave them to his son, Solomon. What is the spiritual blessing you are passing on to your children? Is it that passion, that fire, the presence of Jesus? What a legacy that is for your offspring!

I feel the Lord is asking you what is keeping you from climbing the mountain of the Lord to meet with Him face-to-face? You can’t send another person in your place. He doesn’t want you to be an echo; He wants you to be a voice. He is asking you to be a voice.

I keep feeling the Lord saying that there are people tied to many of your backs. Some of you have ministries or traditions tied to your back. What is keeping you from climbing the mountain of the Lord to seek His face? I keep seeing an altar and I feel the Lord is asking for you to let Him cut the chord of those who are chained to you. Are you willing to say yes and put those people on the altar?

Let there be a cry inside of you saying, “Yes, Lord, break the chains that bind me!” Don’t you understand that you will die if you try to carry other people that are broken? Only Jesus, the Messiah, can carry other souls. Go before the Lord and lay those dear people down. Lay your methods down. Let go!

The Lord says …

“Give it all to me. Lay it down at My feet.
You cannot carry them, but you must release them to Me.
I am Messiah! I died for them, too. Give them to Me.
Lay them down and run after Me. Let Me carry them.
I know how much you love them, but I love them even more.
I am the only One who can bear the weight of another soul.
Lay down, even your secret desires, even your agendas, and lay it at My feet.
Humble yourself under My hand and I will exalt you in due time.
Trust Me to carry you. I will bear your burden, if you give them to Me.
I will carry you.”
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