Governmental Keys from the Life of David

Be Blessed,

Jill Austin

This study is broken into these sections:

1. Behind the Veil: Heaven Touching Earth in Worship and II Samuel 6
2. An Invasion of the Glory of the Lord
3. **The Ark of the Covenant
4. The Cry of the Lord’s Heart
5. 400 Years without the Word of the Lord
6. David: The Braveheart
7. David’s Big Surprise
8. A Living Ark with the Shekinah Glory
9. Being Vulnerable with Jesus
10. God Wants YOU to Carry the Ark of His Covenant

Part 3: The Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant in the Old Testament is where the raw fire, the raw presence of God, dwelt. It was a wooden box. What was inside the ark? The pot of manna was inside the Ark, representing Jesus being the Bread of Life. His bread will satisfy us. There was also Aaron’s rod, which was wood and budded, representing the resurrection anointing. Also there were the stone tablets representing the Law. We could never make it through the Law that’s why we have the blood of Jesus Christ.

The chest was made of wood, signifying Christ’s humanity. It was covered with gold, representing the divinity. They never were contaminated; they never came together, showing Jesus being God and man at the same time.

The cover of the chest is called the Mercy Seat. We need the mercy of God in our lives. Facing each other were the Cherubims, angels facing each other over the Mercy Seat. The Priests would come in one day a year and throw the blood on the Ark, which was the Atonement.

Let our prayer be, “Lord, bring the Ark of the Covenant and have it dwell and live right where we are.” We all signed up to see the Manifest Presence of the Lord everywhere we go so eyes would be opened, the lame would walk, and God would give us valuable words of life that would bring souls in. He wants to give each of us nets that are filled with the Shekinah glory of the Lord so that when we throw those fishing nets out in our homes, neighborhoods or work, that we would catch fish. He has made us to be fisherman and we should never be satisfied unless the Lord gives us more fish.


吉爾‧奧斯汀(Jill Austin)是Master Potter(大陶匠事工) http://www.masterpotter.com的創辦人,也是按立的女先知。曾經得過陶藝大獎的她,結合了音樂、戲劇和藝術的表現手法,在世界各地述說「大陶匠」耶穌的故事。接下來,她的工作重心逐漸由陶藝轉向講臺服事,透過神蹟奇事,帶下救恩、醫治和釋放。過去二十八年,她經常受邀到世界各地的特會中擔任講員,並且經常出現在「七百俱樂部」、PTL、和TBN等廣播電視節目中。Jill Austin曾在密蘇里州堪薩斯市的「禱告先鋒學校(Forerunner School of Prayer)」擔任教席。她以八年的時間完成長篇小說Master Potter(中譯版尚未問世)成為美國當今文壇足以和「Harry Potter哈利波特」對抗的基督奇幻文學作品,書中以擬人化手法,描述破碎器皿遭到世人棄絕,大陶匠(耶穌)卻一一撿回、重塑生命的旅程。2004年夏天,她聽見神清楚的呼召,要她搬到加州洛杉磯,目前她住在橘郡,繼續寫作新書並教導,也因2006年底膝蓋手術的恢復復原而在家中療養。


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